Friday, December 31, 2010

Less than 5% are prepared for retirement??? OMG!!!

“I wanted to persuade a friend to save for the future but she kept saying she had no money but then later I saw she could sign up RM3,000 and RM5,000 for some slimming packages!”
Reality hits when people find that they cannot afford to retire because they had not seriously put aside the money early on in life.
Ng: ‘Less than 5% are prepared for retirement’
“Less than 5% are prepared for retirement,” estimates Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) president Ng Lian Lau.
He says those in their 20s think they are too young to think about retirement, while those in their 30s and 40s tend to believe they are doing enough because they have their EPF savings, and those who are 55 feel it is just too late for them.
And the truth is at 55, most people cannot afford to retire.
“People are living longer, life expectancy for women is 76 years. For men it's 72. With this kind of longevity, people have got more than 20 years after retirement. 60 would be a more ideal retirement age,” he says.
People are marrying later too, points out Ong.
Which means they are having children later in life. If a person has a kid at the age of 35 and retires at 55, the odds are that his child at 20 would probably still be at university or college and his education require financing.
On average, the Malaysian household spent 5.7% on education last year. With the cost of education rising by 6% each year, this is expected to climb steadily.
While parents might buy an education insurance plan for their children, Ong has found that 90% of the time the amount is insufficient. More often than not, parents are willing to give up “everything”, including their own retirement fund for the kids. Which leaves them in a vulnerable position in their old age, unless of course their children provide for them.
As for life insurance, only 40% of Malaysians are covered. Ng says this is a small number compared to 100% in Singapore, 80% in the United States and 400% in Japan (where one person has four policies on average).
i believe this article was published somewhere in 2007 but sadly till t0date a l0t of 'among' us still cant aff0rd(?) t0 save as little as RM100 per month f0r their retirement or emergency purposes.

Meaning of Healthy and Wealthy

Becoming wealthy is something that many people aspire to. They spend an inordinate amount of time, money and energy on making money and obtaining wealth. Whilst undeniably important, and worth pursuing – monetary wealth should really be a secondary goal.

After all – what is the use of becoming extremely wealthy if you do not possess the good Health required to be able to fully enjoy that Wealth.

The goal is that good Health should be the primary goal. Once you become fit and healthy you will be happier, have more energy, be more relaxed and be able to focus in a laser-like fashion on achieving your secondary goal of becoming wealthy.

In fact you will be much more likely to achieve a Healthy and Wealthy in your Life!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Muhasabah diri

Aku minta pada Allah setangkai bunga segar, DIA beri kaktus berduri. Aku minta kupu2, DIA beri ulat berbulu. 
Aku sedih & kecewa, namun kemudian kaktus itu berbunga , indah sekali & ulat itupun menjadi kupu2 yg cantik.
Itulah jalan Allah, indah pada masa yg ditetapkanNYA. Allah tak selalu memberi apa yg kita harapkan tetapi DIA memberi apa yg kita perlukan.
Kadang2 kita rasa sedih, kecewa & terluka, tetapi jauh diatas DIA sedang mengatur yg TERBAIK dalam hidup kita.

Terpaku seketika bila ku membaca bait2 ayat diatas. tersedar akan nikmat Allah, baik yg tersurat atau tersirat. byk rupanya yg telah ku lalai selama ini. alhamdulillah... setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya. :-)

apa2 pun, ini lah pertama kali ku guna teknologi bl0g, penulisan, xtaw apa pun cuma cuba2 agar xketinggalan di alam gl0balisasi ini.

apa pun harapan ku agar langkah pertama ini tidak akan berakhir di sini. insyaAllah..
jam sudah 2.35am waktu utk td0, rehat kan badan dan minda....