Monday, January 3, 2011

A Simple 5 Reason Why Saving in Insurance is Compulsory

Doesn't it just conjure up some insurance salesman knocking on your door trying to sell you a policy that covers you for accidents only, for a small amount and costs you the earth? No? It doesn't too me either because those days are long gone!

I prefer to call it "Life Assurance" anyway, because it is assuring you that your life is covered in the event of death and that what your life is insured for, will be paid out to your estate or policy owner.

But how many of you actually have this cover in place? I know of lots of my friends, who are in their 20's and 30's who don't have the cover because:
1) they don't know anything about (lack of education) and 
2) they don't think they need it and see it as an extra cost. 

How little they know... like anything, the earlier you start, the cheaper it is...

Following are 5 important reasons why YOU should have life assurance and why those around you too should saving and/or invest in this:

Reason 1
Hello? Do you have any bills, like maybe a mortgage?? This alone is a pertinent reason to have life assurance... it means that should you die, this major bill will be paid off and not left to your survivors to deal with!

Reason 2
Young, fit and healthy? No ailments? Then this is the best time to get life assurance! Your premium will be small and if you take out a policy that allows you to keep the same premium until the age of 65, you will have considerable savings... the earlier you start, the better. And then if you develop any health issues throughout your life, it doesn't matter, because you already have the cover in place!

Reason 3
Are you married? Do you care about your spouse? Then is it not thoughtful to make sure that your spouse does not have to worry about money should you pass before they do and vice versa? I know a couple who cancelled their life insurance and then 6 months later he was diagnosed as having stomach cancer, and died 18 months later... leaving behind a wife and two children still at home and a mortgage... and no monetry relief for his family. Is this what you want to put your partner through?

Reason 4
Want to leave a legacy for your future grand children? What better way then ensuring your estate will actually have some legacy to pass on! You can elect in your will to have the proceeds of your life assurance paid directly to your estate and then as per your will, divy up the proceeds.

Reason 5
Peace of mind... yours that is. If you can't afford health insurance or any other insurance, you can afford life insurance... and should you develop a terminal disease... your life insurance will pay out a lump sum upon confirmation of this, allowing you to fulfil any dreams you have not achieved or to get your affairs in order.

There are many more reasons I could go into here, but you get the gist... just like you wouldn't risk not having your car insured or your house or contents... how can you not insure your number one asset... yourself?

There are plenty of fantastic financial advisers out there. If you don't have one, a great place to start is asking your friends... just make sure you read through any quotes you receive etc and make sure you understand just what you are being covered for.

Alternatively, you can seek my FREE advised. Help me to help you.

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